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The best spa, massage, health, nail and body beauty in Adelaide.

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Top Recommended Treatments


SPA with Milk, Salt + Dry Flowers       30mins   $50

Include 20mins body Massage

SPA with Fresh Flowers                30mins   $70

Include 20mins body Massage  ( Internet booking only )

Rejuvenating Facial

Rejuvenating Facial   30min  $80 / 1hr  $140

This unique facial incorporates our EASSA “Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Face Nourishment” and a treatment with the bio-muscular stimulator to improve circulation and lymphatic flow in the face and neck and stimulate and tone the facial muscles leading to visibly rejuvenated skin.


Experience the warm stream spay on your back , while reciving the benefits of a deeper massage . This treatment can relive your muscle tension, fatigue, stress and insomnia.

Back     30mins  $60 | Full Body   60mins  $100

Full Body with Facial 90mins  $145

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